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Intel CEO hints at wearable plans for CES

Want to see what Intel will do next with its extra-tiny Quark processors? You won't have to wait long. CEO Brian Krzanich tells Recode that his company is launching a full-scale assault on the wearable space at CES. The chip designer will introduce both a relevant Quark chip and a host of third-party wearable devices at the Las Vegas event. You likely won't get to try any of these gadgets for a while, however. Although Krzanich has been accelerating Intel's shift toward ultra-mobile processors, the hardware unveiled at CES won't ship until April at the earliest.

Don't expect Intel to say much about its stalled TV plans at CES, for that matter. The executive says that the technology behind the online video service is in good shape, but there isn't enough content to watch. It needs a partner that could rapidly expand the media library, Krzanich explains. Recode suggests that Verizon might come to Intel's rescue, but there's no official news at this stage.