Wikipad breaks off controls into mobile Gamevice gamepad

In its ongoing effort to announce products people may not want long before said products are available to buy, Wikipad today unveiled its Gamevice tablet game controller. The mockup above is an example of what the Gamevice might look like when we get our hands on it sometime later in 2014 -- it won't be at CES next week and it doesn't have a projected price or release window (other than this calendar year). Rather than focus on the larger tablet form factor, the Gamevice adapts the 7-inch Wikipad's controls for -- the company's hoping -- a variety of Android and Windows 8 devices. It sounds like iOS support is also in the works, but there's nothing officially confirmed just yet.

Whether there's a market for Wikipad's Gamevice is another question altogether. There's no shortage of mobile gamepads out there, and it's not clear that Gamevice is any better than the competition. If anything, based on previous experience with the Wikipad's controls, we're a bit skeptical.

The company also announced an OTA update for the 7-inch Wikipad that adds Jelly Bean 4.2 and mappable controls. It should be available today.