Tobii and SteelSeries team up to launch eye-tracking game controller

After spending the better part of a year fine-tuning its technology for Windows 8 machines, eye-tracking specialist Tobii is looking to conquer new market: gaming. With CES just days away, the Swedish company announced today that it has partnered with gaming accessory maker SteelSeries to launch what both companies call "the world's first mass-market consumer eye-tracking device for gamers." SteelSeries doesn't have anything to show us just yet, but tells us that its new gaming gear will let players signal their intent, aim and express emotions inside supported games. In the meantime, we hope to catch up with Tobii when it takes to the CES floor with its EyeX Controller, giving us an insight into what its partner has in store when it launches its first eye-tracking gaming products in mid-2014.