InAir Smart HDMI adapter overlays the web atop television content with a custom user interface

Televisions are no longer simply screens for viewing video content: Folks want to have the internet on them, too. SeeSpace is a startup building a device called the InAir Smart HDMI adapter that plugs in-line between your set-top box and TV to deliver web content to your big screen. The system then overlays an intelligent layer atop your video feed that analyzes what you're watching and supplies relevant web and social content as well. InAir's UI is controlled by a companion app (for iOS and Android) that turns your phone or tablet into a trackpad that lets you navigate by swiping and scrolling on the screen. Additionally, interested developers can use an API to build new features for the platform. As is the case with so much of what we see at CES, the InAir adapter won't be available until the second half of the year and when it does land, it'll cost $99. Wanna see what your dollars will buy? A demo video awaits after the break.