One Shots: All outta soul

Blade and Soul

Man, there are few things worse in the gaming world than to see players of other regions get a hold of titles that have yet to make it to your neck of the woods. First comes the flush of jealousy, then the slow burn of envy, then the mountaintop proclamation of vengeance upon the studio in the middle of a rainstorm.

Reader Dynatos is one of the fortunate to be able to try out this particular game: "I've recently stepped back into Blade and Soul with the Chinese release, and while I'm not very far along into the game (it's a little tough when I don't understand the language!), I'm completely in love with the art style and combat mechanics. Here's my Kung Fu master looking at the foreboding building up the walkway -- not very inviting!"

I WILL RAIN HOT DOOM UPON YOU NCSOFT! DOOM! Er, sorry, I just advanced to stage three.

There's something about putting on cape and tights that just makes people want to boogie. Maybe superheroes and the ballet have more in common than we once thought? In any case, reader Trevor is getting all sorts of funky in this shot.

"This is picture of my character Demitrico causing a dance fever with more people Champions Online," he raved.

Here's a fun game: Substitute the word "Gibberlings" into famous movie titles. There's Something About Gibberlings. Gibberlings in Love. She's All Gibberling. The Fast and the Gibberlings. Gibberlings 2: Electric Gibberloo. High School Gibberlings.

Reader Leandra isn't playing my game, but she did send in a picture of these furry little guys. "I never got as far in Allods Online as I would have liked, but I loved the Gibberlings. There were three of me! And I could sit around and have drinks with myself!"

The couple that slays together, stays together. I think that this sort of murderous devotion is downright adorable with the right couple. Reader Lindsay agreed to photograph her latest crime spree in Aion: "Here's a screenshot from back in the day of my Cleric and my hubby's Templar enjoying some Halloween fun and just hanging around."

Minions! Your screenshot challenge of the week is to send me in pictures of your favorite dungeon, instance, or raid! Go forth and conquer! This, I command!

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