Schwinn's CycleNav bike navigation system points cyclists in the right direction

When you're in a car, it's easy enough to keep an eye on your navigation without moving your hands away from the ol' 10 and 2 positions, but how do you manage your trips when you're on a bike? Enter Schwinn's CycleNav bike navigation system, a $60 Bluetooth device that clips onto your handlebar. The idea is pretty simple: Download the product's iOS or Android app, put in your destination, choose the best route and then let the CycleNav point which way to go, using one of three LED arrows. After your journey comes to an end, the app records fitness stats for you to track (such as distance, calories burned and duration). Fortunately, it doubles as a headlight for your bicycle as well. The navigator will be available at Walmart beginning in March, but you'll be able to grab the CycleNav starting January 15th.