Griffin launches iPhone 5 case for merchants who use Square card readers

Need a durable way to carry that Square card reader while you're raking in those small business bucks? Griffin has a case for that. Teaming up with Square for CES 2014, the case manufacturer has announced an iPhone 5 case designed specifically for businesses on the go. For the most part, the Merchant Case is little more than your standard silicone phone sleeve, but a few minor tweaks make it particularly suited to Square users. The case's bottom edge, for instance, is designed to hold the reader in place, while also providing a credit card shaped groove to help glide customer plastic into the Square. The backside of the phone also has a recessed storage area that can hold on to the reader when it's not in use, making it easier to carry around. The case looks a little bulky, but it does seem to be a simple solution to a simple problem. The cost? $20 on Griffin's website. Not bad.