Canon's latest Selphy printer adds Instagram-sized square stickers

We'll forgive you if you've never heard of Canon's Selphy printer. It's an adorable little $100 printer that, in its latest iteration, has an especially zietgeist-y new feature: square sticker printing. "For the Instagram crowd," a Canon rep laughingly explained as we checked out the Selphy CP910 at CES 2014.

Beyond the new square printing, little has changed from the previous Selphy. It still features ink cartridges bundled with paper, ensuring you'll never run out of hot dogs before you run out of buns. Moreover, with WiFi built-in, your latest Instagram selfie can be printed on the Selphy without having to move images. Pretty neat! Should that new feature be enough to spark your interest, Canon's Sephy CP910 ships to retailers "mid-month" for $100.

Canon's also got a new Pixma photo printer here, and it's just $300 -- pretty great for an entry level photo printer. It's that big guy above! Head into the gallery below for a deeper look at both the Selphy and Pixma straight from CES 2014.

Richard Lai contributed to this report.