Are regular speakers too opaque? Check out the Clio

Does your speaker look a bit too, you know, speakery? ClearView's got an interesting solution in the form of the Clio, a new product unveiled today that it's deemed "the first invisible speaker." That title's a bit of a stretch, as you might have guessed. For starters, there's the clearly visible base, which houses the electronics, controls and inputs. The phrase refers to the transparent, curved glass at top, which resonates to produce sound waves and certainly makes the system less conspicuous than most speakers out there.

So, aside from looking different, what benefits does such a technology provide? For starters, the sound waves disperse in 360 degrees, so if you put the speaker in the middle of a room, you'll be able to hear clear sound on either side. Convinced? You can pick one up right now through the company's site for $350.