3D printing destination Cubify hits 2.0 with curated and branded collections

Even if it completely failed in the consumer market, 3D Systems would still be on pretty solid ground thanks to its strong industrial 3D printing presence. But that hardly means the company is going to half-ass its efforts to capture mindshare from MakerBot and Thingiverse. Before CES can even officially kick off, the company has already announced a pair of new printers (the Cube 3 and CubePro) and the launch of Cubify 2.0 -- the next generation of its consumer site for hosting and posting ready-to-print models. While there is a community-driven side to the portal, including user-uploaded collections and profiles, there's also a heavily curated portion that includes partnerships with brands like Nooka and Digital Dollhouse (a virtual playground for kids, who can now 3D print their creations). The collections are divided up into categories like fashion, decor and "mancave," and include both products that you can print at home on your Cube or, for the more complex products like guitars, you can have 3D Systems print out for you on one of its giant industrial machines.

The company isn't done yet at CES, either. There's still a big press event to come that will feature and, more importantly, CEO Avi Reichental will be on our stage for an interview. Even with a trio of exciting announcements already out the door, we're pretty sure 3D Systems still has something up its sleeve for later in the week.