iBaby M6 baby monitor lets you and three family members keep eyes on junior remotely

iBaby Labs' newest child monitor, the M6, with its 350-degree view and 170-degree tilt, is touted as being the most robust viewer in the market. Setup is a simple plug-and-play affair for both the device and the mobile app that allows control of the device and even some interaction with your sleepy beauty. When the M6 detects motion or sound from your offspring, it can send a notification and snap a pic with its 720p camera and then allow you to speak to your baby if you happen to be out by the pool. Unlimited users can be configured on the device and up to four users can get sent notification and images at any given time. Also on tap are sensors for temperature and humidity, a few different lullabies and LED lighting for night viewing -- or is that night waking? The iBaby M6 is set to launch in spring 2014 for $249.