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LG Chromebase: Handling Chrome OS on an all-in-one (video)

LG's first foray into Chrome OS is also a first for the Google operating system, debuting in an all-in-one. Not a Chromebox then, nor a Chromebook, but a Chromebase, consisting of a 21.5-inch screen connected to a curved hinge. The 1080p IPS LCD was more than adequate for a session of browsing, typing within Google Docs and, er, taking another look at the new House of Cards trailer on YouTube. The screen is good, but we're keeping our judgment tempered until we hear a specific price.

With three USB ports to connect to companion keyboards and mice (and something else), using the Chromebase was like using any typical all-in-one. Interestingly, because both are relegated to peripherals here (like a Chromebox) you'll be able to connect your favorite mechanical keyboard and laser-precision mouse, negating the Chromebook series' occasional trackpad-keyboard woes. That said, LG's 'board and mouse worked fine, with both coated in the same matte finish of the AIO unit. There's also the two color options planned, with a fetching matte black finish launching alongside the white model sometime in this half of 2014. We've got a closer look, on video, right after the break.