NVIDIA certifies PCs and routers that can stream games to its Shield handheld

If you've ever tried to stream a game from a PC (or PS4) to a mobile device over WiFi, then you'll know the bandwidth requirements can be quite fussy. Attempt to remote play in high definition at 60 frames per second, as NVIDIA promises with its Shield handheld and recently upgraded GameStream service, and things start to get seriously pinnikity. So, to help you pick the right hardware to go with your Shield (which is now going for $250 at Amazon, by the way), NVIDIA has started a certification program to label PCs and routers that are GameStream-ready. Expect to see the green logo on pre-built machines from the likes of Digital Storm and Maingear that have the necessary GeForce GTX graphical guts, as well as a number of dual-band and wireless-AC routers from ASUS, Buffalo, D-Link and Netgear. (You'll find a full and current list of certified products over at the source link). Compatible routers will also support streaming from the cloud, via NVIDIA's alternative GRID service, although of course you'll also need a steady 10Mbps broadband connection before you even think about trying that.