Sony's new Bravia HDTVs get a wedge-shaped redesign (update: hands-on photos)

Unconvinced by 4K? Don't worry, because Sony's still got your back. The company has unveiled its 2014-era HDTVs for those who, whatever the reason, aren't ready to dip a toe into the Ultra High-Definition pool. Both the flagship Bravia W950B and W850B come with a new design, apparently allowing for bigger speakers and a lower center of gravity, reducing the size of the accompanying pedestal. The lesser lights of the new arrivals, including the W800B, W630B and W600B all come with the usual Sony tech, including X-Reality Pro, ClearAudio+ and built-in WiFi, and all will be arriving for various quantities of your cash in the spring.

Update: We just got to see the new sets for ourselves, so peruse our gallery to see some real-world shots. Better living vicariously through pictures.