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Audi partners with AT&T to introduce in-car LTE in the US (updated)

Audi's in-car LTE capability is finally arriving from across the Atlantic aboard the upcoming 2015 A3 sedans, thanks to the carmaker's partnership with AT&T. When the vehicles, and hence the feature, become available in the US, AT&T's wireless customers will have the option to share their smartphone or tablet data plans with their cars. Owners can use the connection for faster access to Google Earth, Google Street View and web radio stations, as well as to get social media alerts on the Audi connect navigation system. Up to eight passengers (if you can fit that many, anyway) can also take advantage of the long term evolution speeds by using Audi connect as a WiFi hotspot. While the feature's limited to the 2015 A3 family for now, Audi plans to include it on the new and refreshed models bound to come out in the future.

Update 01/07/14: For anyone wondering whether Audi's cutting ties with T-Mobile, the carrier's rep reached out and told us that's not the case at all. In fact, the rep said "T-Mobile renewed its relationship as the exclusive supplier of wireless connectivity for the sale of new A8, A6, A7, A4, A5, Q5 and Q7 models" in August 2013.