Hyundai's second generation Blue Link tech runs custom Android, keeps you connected with Verizon

When Hyundai's latest Genesis sedan launches later this Spring, it'll have the latest version of Hyundai's Blue Link tech: voice navigation, media management and remote tech. That means unlocking your car remotely, navigating to both specific locations and general search terms (think: flowers, sushi, etc.), and a whole mess of other "smart" functionality. Unlike the first-gen Blue Link currently available, all of that functionality is being brought to your new Genesis with a cell signal provided by Verizon.

Hyundai was part of the big Google news earlier today, and Blue Link's second-gen is another piece in that puzzle. Consider it the latest in a series of cross-company explorations into how best to implement Android in cars -- a Hyundai rep told us it's also exploring iOS for cars, but won't have more to share until some point "later this year."

In the brief time we spent with Blue Link 2, we were impressed! It picked up on voice commands without a hitch, and was able to wirelessly connect to Google Places from within the confines of a Las Vegas hotel conference room. Sadly, navigation costs $100 annually, and it's another $100 annually for remote services. Head past the break for a look at Blue Link 2 in action, and find out if it's the Android you're looking for.

Richard Lai contributed to this report.