3D Systems shows off a $500 3D scanner that clips onto your iPad

As excited as we were to play around with the Sense 3D scanner, the first-generation consumer scanner had some shortcomings. Near the top of the list was the fact that it only worked with Windows. While the operating system has a plenty large install base, any semblance of portability with the thing required the user to own a Windows tablet -- which, for obvious reasons, severely limited the device's potential install base. Among a torrent of announcements at CES this year, 3D Systems has just unveiled a solution, right on our CES stage. It's called the iSense. We'll give you three guesses as to which mobile operating system it works with.

The iSense snaps directly onto an iPad, giving you the same sort of easy scanning functionality you get with its slightly older siblings. Want to see more? Us too. Tune into our interview with the company's CEO happening right now. The iSense is set for a Q2 launch, priced at $499 -- that's a $100 premium over the Sense.