Korg outs two new USB audio interfaces for serious digital sounds

Most of what we tend to see from Korg involves the creation of new sounds, but the firm's just announced its new AudioGate USB DAC that promises to improve the audio files you already have. There's a choice of two hardware interfaces depending on your budget/requirements -- the DS-DAC-100 and the DS-DAC-100m. Both sport quarter-inch stereo outputs, while the DS-DAC-100 (the one without the "m") also comes with XLR and RCA connections. The main selling point being that Mac and Windows users can use the interfaces in conjunction with Korg's AudioGate 3 software to output sound in DSD with a sample rate of upto 5.6MHz. Fancy some of that? Then you only have to wait until March, when both models will be available for either $600 or $350 depending on your connectivity requirements.