Lumo Lift is an activity tracker that vibrates when it detects bad posture

Because everyone loves a gadget that vibrates when you're doing something wrong. Following last year's LUMOback, which vibrates when it detected bad posture, the folks at BodyTech are back with yet another activity tracker, this time with a more discreet design. Dubbed the Lumo Lift, it works essentially the same way as the original, which is to say it counts steps and calories burned, and can detect when you're walking, running, sitting or lying down. And, of course, it knows when you're slouching, and delivers some gentle vibrations as a way of nagging you into standing up straight.

But whereas the first edition looked like some sort of high-tech weightlifting belt, this one is about as small as any other fitness tracker, meaning you can clip it onto your clothing (or your underclothing, if that's the way you roll). Like the original, it will work exclusively with an iOS app (at least to start), which you can use to review your posture stats over time, and also use a journal feature to record how you feel. It's launching first as a crowdfunded project, with prices ranging from $59 to $79 depending on which backer level you buy into. If all goes according to plan, it will ship sometime this spring.