Mophie Space Pack for iPhone is a battery case with built-in storage

Mophie's line of Juice Packs and Powerstations has proven invaluable to anyone who needs their handsets to keep on ticking from dawn 'til dusk, especially at a show like CES. Now the company behind those popular external batteries has introduced the Space Pack, a battery case for the iPhone that also incorporates built-in storage. Designed for the iPhone 5 and the 5s, the Space Pack not only packs a 1,700mAh backup battery, it also comes in either 16GB or 32GB iterations that could potentially double or triple your iPhone's storage capacity. Any file type can be stored and managed on it, from photos and videos to your iTunes library. Mophie also introduced a free iOS app called Space that organizes the files into easy-to-view Collections so you can see what's stored in your Space Pack. The 16GB version retails for $149.95 while the 32GB version will cost you $179.95. So if you've ever been stymied by your iPhone's poor battery life and fixed storage, you can go ahead and pre-order Mophie's Space Pack today as it starts shipping on March 14, 2014.