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Native Union's Jump is a charging cable with a little built-in battery

We've covered a few cool Native Union accessories before, but this one easily beats them all in terms of thoughtfulness. The Jump, which is debuting at CES, appears to be a Lightning or micro-USB cable that goes through a little cable wrapper, which is intentionally designed to fit into your trousers' tiny coin pocket. The fun part is that this gray pebble also packs 800mAh of battery juice (with 1A current output), so it's good for emergency use. But that's not all! You can use the Jump as a normal cable to charge up your phone, and when the latter is full, the intelligent circuitry -- which had been a tough challenge for Native Union -- diverts the power to the Jump's own battery. To put it simply: you're hitting two birds with one stone here. No need to remind yourself to plug in your portable battery separately at night.

The Jump has just been launched as a Kickstarter project, and you can grab one now for as low as $30 (it's a limited offer, of course). Want more? Just add $35 for every additional Jump. Expect this handy little gadget to ship some time in May.