Polar's latest wearable wants to be more than just a sports watch

When we brought you the news concerning Polar's V800 a few days ago, we were impressed that it would replace both a running watch and an activity tracker. But when we spoke to the company's representatives here at CES, it seems that there's a bigger target to aim for. Polar is currently working on an update to the V800 that would see the device produce notifications and alerts in a similar way to the current crop of smartwatches. The company is also working on an option to offer a store for customizable watch faces, and the ability to buy additional functionality as you require.

Having spent some time with the wearable, we're still intrigued by its potential. In addition to the tracking and aforementioned features, the V800 will work out your ideal rest period from your exercise history and may even push your location to the cloud for others to track -- for example, when you want people to follow your progress during a marathon. There's a considerable heft to the hardware, standing as proud from your wrist as the Galaxy Gear, for instance. Fortunately, the stainless steel case feels tremendously solid, and we'd expect to say the same for the Gorilla Glass that covers the face. Either way, we're looking forward to getting it onto our wrists for further examination, mostly because we'd like to try the blue-and-red edition and pretend that we're Spider-Man.