Sprint's new "Framily" plan lets you share your account with 10 friends, but still bills you separately

It's a scam thrifty cellular subscribers have been pulling for years: sharing a "family plan" with a group of non-biologically related peers to save a few bucks. It works, but it's kind of a headache - family plans arrive as one bill, and the ringleader needs to hassle their friends to pay their share of the bill. Tired of the nightmare? So is Sprint - the company has dropped all pretense for these plan-sharing schemers with its horribly named "Framily" plan, which allows up to 10 lines to be shared on a single account regardless of blood relation.

The initial line of service costs $55 a month, but each additional user takes $5 off the price of every line on the plan until they reach a maximum discount of $30 per line, per month. A group of seven, for instance, can score unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data for $25 per line. Best of all, each line is billed individually, and allows each user to manage and customize their own plans without going through the central account holder. The new system will be available to new and existing Sprint customers on January 10th, although currently active lines can only be combined if they are already owned by the same person. If you can tolerate its moniker, Framily seems to be a good spin on the existing shared plan dynamic. Want more details? Check out Sprint's official announcement at the source below.