Hulu's original TV shows for 2014 are a mix of new series, new seasons and foreign transplants

Competing video-streaming services have discovered that just like other TV options before them, original and exclusive content is one of the best ways to attract new viewers. As a result, each one is building up a warchest of shows, and Hulu's plan to double the amount of original content it has starts with this new lineup for 2014. This year's highlights include the return of original series like The Awesomes and East Los High plus a few new shows including a reality-TV parody called The Hotwives of Orlando and supernatural comedy Deadbeat. The Behind the Mask documentary series that goes deep into the lives of sports mascots will also return, while Hulu reaches overseas for dramas like the original Swedish version of The Bridge and several BBC collaborations.

These shows are meant to compete with Netflix's hits and give viewers a reason to pick Hulu's partially ad-supported streams over Amazon Prime -- a service that's also picking up soon-after-broadcast TV and launching its own series. Will they be successful? We don't know yet, but you can see a preview trailer after the break.