PulseWallet lets you pay for things using palm recognition, but only if you're a returning customer

PulseWallet is going to get a lot of attention at CES this week, thanks to its point-of-sale system that allows you to pay for things with a wave of your palm. The interesting thing, though, is that PulseWallet already has a setup that lets customers pay with their fingerprints. The problem, say company reps, is that fingerprints can potentially be lifted. (Also, they're a bit messy.) So, the outfit is moving to a Fujitsu-made palm sensor, which is more secure and supposedly faster, too. Here's how it works: After you visit a store once, you can register your palm and link it to the credit card of your choosing. Then, the store will have it on hand (har) the next time you stop by. When it comes time to pay, you can swipe your palm, after which point you'll need to enter your phone number to verify it's really you. Et voilà! You've managed to pay without digging out your credit card, and without getting (as many) greasy fingerprints all over the point-of-sale system. No word on when you'll start seeing these in stores, though the company says it will only be available in the US to start.