Here's Sharp's 85-inch 8K TV with glasses-free 3D

It's so big and bright that it wasn't hard to find inside Sharp's booth, even when surrounded by a sea of other televisions from the manufacturer. What you see above, folks, is an 85-inch, 8K glasses-free 3D TV from Sharp. This behemoth, ultra-high-res display is rather similar to the one from CES 2013, save for the fact you can enjoy three-dimensional content without any eye hardware. While everything about this LED TV is indeed interesting, we can't say we were too impressed by the glasses-free 3D. It is pretty easy for your eyes to get tired of the effect quickly, and at times some frames pass through so fast that it ends up making the content seem blurry -- we're not the only ones who feel this way, apparently. Aside from those things, the image is incredibly sharp; the TV was showing scenes from Life of Pi and Frozen, both of which looked stunning on the big screen.

Obviously, Sharp's 85-inch, 8K 3D TV is still in the early stages, and thus it wouldn't be fair to judge it based on first impressions. Chances are it'll improve tremendously as the company continues to work on it. For now, it is a very dazzling thing to look at and we can't wait to see it down the road. Check out the pictures we took of it after the break, or, if you're here at the LVCC, stop by the Sharp booth to experience it yourself. Let us know what you think in the comments below.