Simplicam watches your house while you're away, uses facial recognition to tell you who's home

WiFi cameras are a handy tool to keep tabs on your home, but they're really only useful if you're looking at them. Checking up on your family means pulling up an app, logging in and manually scanning your living room for occupants. ArcSoft says it has an easier way: facial recognition. By equipping its Simplicam WiFi camera with motion-, sound- and facial-detection software, the firm says it can notify you when your family comes home or if someone is lurking around when they aren't supposed to be. It also includes two-way talk and automated alarm systems, as well as access from any PC, iPhone or Android device. Oh, and by signing up for Closeli's optional cloud service, you can record, share and save clips from the camera too. Simplicam will be available next month for $150. Looking for more? Check out the company's website at the source link below.