MediaTek's wireless display solution beams video to TV, sets your mobile screen free (video)

While Miracast wireless display mode is now available on many Android devices, it is both loved and loathed -- loved by those who want just wireless screen mirroring, and loathed by those who want to keep doing other things on the smaller screen. If you belong to the latter group, then MediaTek's got your back. At CES, the Taiwanese chip designer showed off its solution that lets you beam video content to a Miracast-enabled display, without having to give up your mobile display for your other tasks -- be it internet browsing, emailing or even gaming. See for yourself in our video after the break.

A company rep told us that in order to take advantage of this solution, app developers would need to use MediaTek's upcoming API to enable this feature. There's no word on when consumers will get to use this at home, but given that MediaTek's shipped more than 200 million smartphone processors last year, we're pretty sure that developers will want a share of this piping-hot pie.