What if dailies weren't daily?

Alright people you'll have to bear with me on this one. In my quest to earn money on a near-dead server with a terrible economy and a glacial auction house, I've been making a farm. Playing nice with the Tillers, pretending to like Gina Mudclaw, that sort of thing. And suddenly, it's occurred to me that a big part of the reason why I dislike daily quests so much is the fact that they're, well, daily.

What do I mean? Well, this is, of course, simply my opinion. The way I play is pretty grindy, so if I decide I want to do the Klaxxi rep right now, I could happily spend five or six hours just grinding it out watching TV or on Mumble with friends. What I really dislike is that I do my handful of quests, then all my impetus is lost as I have to wait until 3am server time, or whenever they reset for you, to continue. By then I don't want to. If I could do my five hours then lose interest for a couple of weeks, then come back, I'd like it a lot more.

I hear your early complaint. "But Olivia, if they weren't daily, then they wouldn't be dailies!" Duly noted. But what if they were repeatable, instead of daily? What if the reset period was an hour, rather than 24? Think about it, instead of going over to visit the Klaxxi and doing eight or so quests, making it a little way through the rep bar for your awesome scorpion mount, you could do their quests over and over and grind out as much or as little as you wanted in one night. Same applies for any other faction with repeatable quests.

And yes, if they did this at the very start of a patch or a tier with brand new factions, that would probably be bad. People would grind out rep until their eyes fell out. But for reps that aren't current any more, why not? A couple of patches later, why not? Oh, and if you're wondering whether I even went to BlizzCon and heard that there are no launch dailies with WoD, I did. They didn't say no dailies ever again.

What do you think? Would you prefer it if dailies stayed daily? Do you enjoy logging in every day and having a few chores to get through? Or would you like it if they were repeatable on a shorter reset? Tell me of your travels...