ClamCase Pro for iPad mini appears at CES, available to order

If there's one accessory that I've been waiting for, it's the ClamCase Pro for iPad mini. Sure, there are a lot of keyboard cases for the iPad Air and iPad mini that have blossomed onto the market in the past few months, but I've been waiting for the ClamCase product for one good reason -- their ClamCase Pro for the iPad 2/3/4 is absolutely the best keyboard case I've ever used. It provides wrap-around protection for the iPad, while offering long battery life and a top-notch keyboard. Now the company has opened up orders for the ClamCase Pro for iPad mini.

The $129 keyboard case looks like its bigger brother, but with a keyboard that is scaled down to fit the petite tablet. Noticeable changes include moving the various bracket keys, tilde and accent keys to function-enabled keys on the QWERTY row, some oddities with the comma, period, question mark and forward slash keys, moving the plus and equal signs out of the number row, and moving the colon and semicolon keys up to the right side of the QWERTY row. Whether those changes -- which are a necessity for almost any iPad mini keyboard -- make it difficult to type on is something that will have to wait for a full hands-on review.

Like the existing ClamCase Pro for iPad and the upcoming ClamCase Pro for iPad Air, the mini keyboard case has a hinge that rotates a full 360 degrees for incredible flexibility in usage. The keyboard is made out of solid aluminum, while the case is hard polycarbonate with soft-touch accents.

We'll be publishing a full review of the ClamCase Pro for iPad mini in the near future; in the meanwhile, if you have an iPad mini or iPad mini with Retina display, you should jump on the opportunity to order the case today for delivery later this month.