The Witcher travels to cardboard land with Fantasy Flight board game

A board game based on The Witcher property is coming courtesy of a partnership between CD Projekt RED - developers of the Witcher games - and Fantasy Flight Games. Gameplay details are light, but according to the game's official site, players will assume the role of one of four heroes: Geralt of Rivia, Dandelion, Triss Merigold and Yarpen Zigrin.

Each hero has a unique set of skills and their own deck of what are called "Development Cards," though what these cards do is unknown. The site also emphasizes storytelling and adventuring, as players will have to tackle various quests which range from simple monster hunts to exposing a traitor in the royal court.

Sure, The Witcher Adventure Game is a board game, which means it won't have the pretty graphics that The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings was known for, but who needs those when we have our imaginaaaations?

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CD Projekt RED, the creator of the critically acclaimed Witcher franchise of video games, and Fantasy Flight Games, a marketplace leader in board game development and publishing, are thrilled to announce their cooperation in publishing The Witcher Adventure Game.

"Fantasy Flight Games has an outstanding connection with board game fans worldwide and is well known for the highest quality of their titles. We're really excited that we can join the party and expand The Witcher universe in such great company," said Adam Badowski, Head of Studio, CD Projekt RED.

Ignacy Trzewiczek's The Witcher Adventure Game takes players on a journey across the world of The Witcher as they assume the roles of four beloved characters from the books and computer games: Geralt of Rivia, monster slayer; Dandelion, roguish bard; Triss Merigold, cunning sorceress; and Yarpen Zigrin, dwarven warrior. A variety of quests invite players to hunt monsters, earn gold on dangerous missions, and interact with the characters they meet in a web of alliances and treachery.

"We are very pleased to partner with CD Projekt RED on The Witcher Adventure Game. The story and the setting of The Witcher really lends itself to an adventure board game. We're looking forward to players being able to craft their own narrative during the course of the game," said Steve Horvath, Senior VP of Communication and Digital Business for Fantasy Flight Games.

Watch the Teaser Video for a taste of what's to come and visit the newly launched website for further details.

The game is slated to a worldwide release in 2014.