SimCity getting offline mode 'soon,' aims to fix long-broken relaunch

EA's reboot of SimCity remains in a state of disarray, and the latest effort to correct the situation is an upcoming offline mode for the otherwise always-online game. This is a pretty major change considering all the noise made about SimCity depending on cloud computing to run, and creative director Lucy Bradshaw saying "significant engineering" would be required to take the game offline. It's not completely clear how the offline mode will work, though we do know it'll add a single player mode and offer local saves.

"You can save and load to your heart's content," EA Maxis studio manager Paul Buechner said in a blog post this morning, which longtime SimCity fans know is a main pillar of the series. The update is coming "soon," and Buechner also confirms that city sizes will not be increased (another major request from players) and modding will be all the easier with players not affecting the overall online world.