The Daily Grind: Are player councils a good idea?

Jackson's Council of Elrond

Turbine recently announced a new Player Council for Dungeons and Dragons Online. The company previously put together a similar panel for Lord of the Rings Online, but thus far we've not heard much in the way of initiatives or results.

Back in the day, Star Wars: Galaxies had its own version of player representation that never seemed to actually accomplish anything. EVE Online'sCouncil of Stellar Management has been meeting for years now, and it's probably the most impactful of the ones listed here, though whether that's due to the actual CSM or the fact that EVE is one of the few MMOs permanently affected by player action is up for debate.

The question I'm coming to is this: Do you think player councils are a good idea? Would you like to serve on one? Why or why not?

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