Video messaging app Wordeo turns plain text into audiovisual poetry

Six-second Vine clips are all well and good, but the best ones involve significant amounts of creative energy and pre-planning. A new video messaging app called Wordeo, on the other hand, tries to simplify things by asking you to write a text message first, and then automatically providing short snippets of moving images (gathered from Getty Image's huge media library) an an emotive background to each word you've written. As you'll see in our hands-on video after the break, the whole process can be completed in under a minute, depending on how much time you spend messing with the font, background music or -- more importantly -- inserting self-made, two-second video clips to better express a particular word or sentiment.

Yes, Wordeo might sound a bit silly, or like a hotchpotch of other ideas (not least HTC's highlight reels and Google's Auto Awesome Movies, which creates musical slideshows from camera content). And yes, the app requires a reasonably fast internet connection at every stage, while also inevitably exposing your messages to a third-party's servers. But we think the end results are quite satisfying, especially considering how little effort you need to put in. Currently, finished mini-movies can only be shared directly with other Wordeo users, or shared as links via Facebook and Twitter, but the app's creators are hoping to get permission for the .mp4 videos to play directly in people's social feeds, which might help to win more people over. In the meantime, you can try the iOS app for free from the App Store today, and an Android is promised to arrive at some point too.