Aion's medical professionals are on the scene to keep you healthy

So is this the medical show like ER or is it more like Scrubs?  I like one of those.

Even though you might spend most of your time in Aion being healed by magical sources, the hard-working medical professionals of Atreia are still out there and keeping a close eye on your health. Did you know that cold weather is the fifth most common cause of death among Daevas, making it ten thousandth overall? If not, you may wish to stop by one of Atreia's many free clinics for a careful health examination.

From now until January 29th, all Daevas may stop by one of the medical camps set up through the world for special benefits. Doctors provide potions and scrolls to players at level 10+, whilst the rotating nurses will provide players with a variety of buffs to improve their performance in battle. So are you keeping a solid watch on your health? Stop by one of the medical camps now, and ask the doctors if consuming large quantities of potion is right for you.