iOS 7 power tip: How to swipe through the multitasking view much faster

It's hard to believe that it took Apple until iOS 4 to finally add multitaksing functionality. But you know Apple, always preferring to take its dear sweet time and make sure that a new feature is up to snuff rather than releasing something half-baked.

With iOS 7, Apple completely re-imagined the iOS interface. In doing so, the multitasking pane was completely revamped into a much more aesthetically pleasing card-like interface reminiscent of webOS on the Palm Pre. While iOS 7 undoubtedly has its fair share of critics, most would agree that the new multitasking view in iOS 7 is much more useful and intuitive.

Accessing the multitasking pane is as easy as tapping the home button twice and casually swiping through the list of open apps until you find what you're looking for.

But there's a power tip lurking right beneath the surface.

If you have a lot of apps listed in your multitasking view -- and they sure do add up quickly -- you can swipe through them at warp speed (read: much, much faster) if you swipe to the left or right with the icons themselves instead of using the actual preview screens.

The video below, at about 29 seconds in, provides a clear demonstration.

And here's one last multitasking tip on the house:

As you likely know, removing an app from the multitasking pane is as easy as swiping an app card upwards. If you have a large number of apps open, however, you can speed up the process by selecting (i.e., tapping and holding) up to three cards simultaneously and removing them all at once.

via Reddit