Plastic surgery game for kids removed from iOS, Android stores

Two mobile games in which users performed liposuction and other plastic surgery procedures on a cartoon woman have been removed from their respective app stores - Plastic Surgery & Plastic Doctor & Plastic Hospital Office for Barbie from iTunes, and Plastic Surgery from Google Play. The BBC reports that the overweight woman was described as "ugly" on Google Play. We'd say there's something very ugly here indeed, but it isn't a cartoon woman.

Mattel seems to be behind the removal of Plastic Surgery for Barbie; a statement from the company reads, "At Mattel, we take our commitment to children seriously and work hard to ensure there are no unauthorized uses of our brands that may be unsafe or inappropriate for children." Google likewise released a statement saying that, while the company doesn't comment on individual apps, they will remove those which breach guidelines.

Plastic Surgery for Barbie was labeled as appropriate for children ages 9 and up. A similar version of the game, called Plastic Surgery for Barbara and labeled as appropriate for ages 12 and up, has also been removed.