Unity engine comes to Vita with full feature set in tow

In its ongoing quest to support every gaming platform in existence, the Unity engine is now available to developers on Sony's Vita handheld.

According to a blog post on the Unity website, the Vita version of Unity supports all of the handheld's unique features including touchscreen sensitivity, dual analog joysticks, the Vita's front- and rear-facing cameras and its gyroscopic motion sensors. In addition, the engine also supports the features of the PlayStation Network, allowing developers to easily integrate trophies and friends list support into games developed on Unity.

Most crucially, the addition of Unity support to the Vita will make it easier to port games from the handheld to other platforms supported by the engine. Instead of having to rewrite a game's code from scratch, developers can now build a game in Unity and with a few relatively simple tweaks port it to other Unity platforms. In March, an agreement was announced to bring the Unity engine to all Sony gaming machines. This should make development of future cross-play games less resource-intensive.