Tough 2D shooter Super Mega Bob flies into beta

Jenito Games, Daniel Hall's one-man indie studio, has a new PC game called Super Mega Bob in the works and it's a deceptively intense experience. Super Mega Bob is a difficult 2D shooter harkening back to the 16-bit era of old, with simple shooting mechanics married to a modern upgrade system for player progression.

A beta version of the game is available for download.

Super Mega Bob is quite the quintessential indie story. Hall is handling everything himself, from programming to art to sound and anything else you could imagine is a part of making a game in your basement. Hall, who hails from Fort Oglethorpe, GA, has been toiling away for five years to make this game happen and describes Super Mega Bob as "truly a reflection of my dreams, my love for games, and my early childhood exposure to gaming classics."