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HTC One sequel rumored to have two rear cameras for better focusing and image quality

Last year's leak of the HTC One's follow-up, the M8, seemingly raised more questions than it answered. When will it ship? And what's the deal with that second hole on the back? We may have a much clearer picture today, though. Bloomberg sources now claim that the M8 will arrive in late March, and that additional hole is reportedly for an extra camera that would assist a next-generation Ultrapixel sensor. The companion shooter would improve focusing and image quality while allowing for depth of field effects -- we're guessing that means tricks like post-shot refocusing, not the 3D video that HTC gave up years ago. The tipsters otherwise support rumors that we've seen before, including talk of a larger screen and a newer Snapdragon processor. It's tough to know whether or not the M8 will be a worthy sequel based on these leaks, but they do hint that we're looking at more than just a mild refresh.