Divinity: Original Sin now on Steam Early Access

After drawing in more than $900,000 on Kickstarter, Larian Studios' prequel to Divine Divinity, Divinity: Original Sin, is ready for a bit of open-world questing on PCs via Early Access. While buying in will grant you the full game once it's finished, Divinity's Early Access page estimates the current offering to be "the first 15 hours of the game." It also suggests that those looking for something representative of the final version's content and polish should pass on the Early Access version, which is meant to allow players to "influence development" with feedback. Sounds reasonable!

The page also notes that while Larian will be updating the game regularly, save games will "not be compatible between versions." Sooo maybe don't get super attached to any adventures you start until Divinity's final version is released. Of course, the final version will include an RPG maker, so you could just get familiar with Divinity's mechanics and then make your own adventure.

Larian is encouraging all participants to share their thoughts concerning balancing, bugs and potential improvements on Divinity's discussion board. If you're interested in helping or just itching to venture through the first chunk of the game, $39.99 will get you an Early Access copy. You can also go for the $59.99 double pack and try out the Early Access multiplayer with a friend.