LogMeIn ditches free accounts, asks users to pay up or it'll LogYouOut

If you've been using LogMeIn's free account, you might, nay will, need to find another option. The remote desktop service is no longer offering its gratis service, forcing existing users to either migrate to one of the paid accounts, or move over to a competitor. Users who bought LogMeIn Ignition for iOS or Android, however, will receive "significant" discounts and the promise of a gentle transition to the subscription offerings. It looks like there isn't much time to hang around either, with users being given seven days to decide what they want to do. This period starts from the next time you log in, so if you haven't done so yet, and don't need the service right away, you might be able to buy yourself some thinking time at least. If you use LogMeIn Central, or the free versions of Cubby and, we're told those accounts are unaffected at this time. If you are ok with paying up, though, perhaps just focus on the new features you'll be getting: access to multiple machines, mobile apps and remote printing to list a few. Makes it all better, right?

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