Veho's new K-series action cameras have pro features, amateur-friendly price

Veho is perhaps mostly known for its range of accessories -- so when we tested its entry into the (already busy) action cam market, we were pleasantly surprised by how good it was. Fast-forward to today, and it appears it's looking to build on that success with a trio of new models. The Muvi K-2 NPNG edition is the show-stealer, and offers 1080p video up to 60 fps (or 120 fps at 720p), 32 Mbps bit rate video (double the previous model), WiFi, a pre-record function, built-in 2-inch LCD and a case that's waterproof to 100 meters all for £280 (about £100 less than a top-spec GoPro or £40 short of a Drift). The two other models -- the K-2 and K-1 -- come in at £240 and £190, respectively, with the former simply coming with fewer accessories, and the latter featuring a drop in shooting options (no 60 fps at 1080p, etc.) and a dip in bit rate (16 Mbps, not 32). US pricing is still to be confirmed, but will start in the region of $199 for the base model. The K-series launches in February, which leaves just enough time to work on that 900.