Build your own analog synthesizer with Korg's MS-20 kit

At NAMM 2013, we were able to get cozy with Korg's MS-20 mini analog synth. This year, the company is putting the wrenches in your hands with its DIY MS-20 kit. For $1,400, synthesizer enthusiasts can nab the collection of parts needed to construct a working model of the iconic instrument, with no soldering or electrical expertise required. You can expect all the features, specs and even the same circuit path from the original with new MIDI input and USB connections. The kit remains true analog with 1/4-inch patch bay to boot, just in case you were concerned. There's even two types of filters that pay homage to both the early versions and the later more mellow MS-20 sounds, toggled on the circuit board. Heck, the engineers of 1978's original oversaw the process to insure the components replicated the circuitry of that synth. Only 1,000 kits will be available, so you'll have to act quickly when packages become available in March.