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New Apple TV may include a revamped interface, more kinds of content

The current Apple TV is long in the tooth, to put it mildly -- the basic design emerged in 2010, and the 2012 refresh was really about keeping up with the Joneses. However, 9to5 Mac claims that there's a substantial update in the pipeline this year. Apple is reportedly "well into testing" a fourth-generation media hub that would include both a reworked (if still iOS-based) interface and new forms of content. Just what that content would be isn't certain. iLounge hears that an Apple TV software revision may bring games and Bluetooth controller support, but it's not clear if this would also entail a full-fledged app platform. If any of the rumors are accurate, we may not have to wait very long for the improved living room experience. The 9to5 tipsters believe that the new Apple TV will likely ship in the first half of the year, and iLounge anticipates new software by March.