Level-5 registers US trademark for 3DS game 'Yo-kai Watch'

Youkai Watch, Level-5's tale of a magical watch that lets its user see spiritual beings, released in Japan last July for the 3DS. Localizing software isn't exactly free though, so we've resigned to just imagining what it's ... wait, Level-5 recently filed a trademark for "Yo-kai Watch" with the United States Patent and Trademark Office? Huh. You can't print out and play trademarks in the 3DS' cartridge slot though, so take this as a potential hint instead of an outright confirmation of a planned Western release.

This isn't the only hint that we've seen recently for localized Level-5 projects - soccer RPG Inazuma Eleven popped up (and has since disappeared) on Nintendo's release calendar for the 3DS earlier this month. The weapons shopkeep simulator Rental Bukiya de Omasse also received a content rating from the Australian Classification Board. Hopefully the next Nintendo Direct brings a slew of Level-5 announcements, similar to the October reveal of plans to localize the Guild 01 series.

You can check out the trademark for yourself by searching for "Yo-kai Watch" with the USPTO's Basic Word Mark Search.