Daily App: Obaby is a photo-illustration tool for busy parents

Taking a photo of your newborn and dressing it up so it is pretty can be a daunting challenge for busy parents, who barely have time to think, never mind find the right tools to edit their images. This is where Obaby from Potluck steps in to make your life easier. Obaby is an image editor designed with handcrafted artwork for those milestone moments in your baby's life.

Obaby is filled with more than 600 wonderful illustrations that you can overlay on your images. There are 300 free and more than 350 paid overlays (via in-app purchase), which are broken down into categories like doodles, borders, dates, announcements and more. If there is an occasion or a milestone in your baby's life, there are likely a handful of overlays that you can use to accent that moment.

The UI is intuitive and the overlays are very easy to add to photos. You can easily craft a wonderful image with annotations in just a few minutes. Unfortunately for me, the app is efficient, but I am not. There are so many excellent illustrations that I often can't decide which one to use!

Obaby is targeted toward parents of babies and toddlers, so you will find that a lot of illustrations are geared toward milestones in infancy and young childhood. You can use it with older kids, but it is not as fun.

The Obaby app is available for US$0.99 and includes 300 free illustrations. More than 350 additional illustrations are available as in-app purchases. You can unlock all this extra content via an in-app purchase of US$9.99. You also can buy the $9.99 version, Obaby +, directly if you know from the beginning you want all the available illustrations.