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Google Glass gets prescription glasses: four styles, $225 each (video)

Google Glass gets prescription glasses: four styles, $225 each (video)
Mat Smith
Mat Smith|@thatmatsmith|January 28, 2014 12:22 AM

Remember when Google said its wearable would work perfectly fine with prescription glasses? Well it's finally delivered, offering a $225 upgrade option for current Google Glass Explorers. Crafted from titanium (whatever else?), the designs are pretty unassuming and classy: they look like glasses frames you'd see at an optometrist. There's four styles to choose from -- Curve, Thin, Split, Bold -- making the selection sound more like font categories than frame categories. Google Glass then attaches to the frame through several screws. More styles (in other materials and shapes, possibly) are incoming, but the team behind this launch range (the designs were all done in-house at Google) said their aim was simplicity -- it helps that the extra frame-age also helps to obscure the still rather conspicuous Google eye-piece. Early adopters will be able to shop around for frames starting this afternoon and VSP, the largest optical health insurance provider in the US, is working with Google to offer subsidized frames and lenses for those who qualify.

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Google Glass gets prescription glasses: four styles, $225 each (video)