Mark One 3D printer creates carbon fiber objects, costs $5,000

There's a new 3D printer in town, and unlike other models that use plastic, rubber or even chocolate, this one prints out objects using a far tougher material: carbon fiber. The printer, named Mark One, was designed by creator Gregory Mark as a way to reduce carbon fiber manufacturing costs. He sees Mark One as a way to make useful things like tools, replacement parts or even home fixtures, though nothing would stop you from printing out super-durable toys and knick-knacks, too. Of course, carbon fiber raw materials may not be so easy to come by, so Mark's creation also works with other composites, like fiberglass, nylon and PLA plastic. Those who want to make tough little trinkets (and have $5,000 to spare) will have to wait until March to pre-order the Mark One, but folks in San Diego can see it in person right now at the SolidWorks World convention.