Forget check-ins: Foursquare now lets you order in from local restaurants

It's easy to think of Foursquare as an app you use on the go: it's what you use to check in places, get a mayor's crown, let your friends know you're about to eat a taco. That sort of thing. Now, though, Foursquare is teaming up with GrubHub Seamless, allowing you to order delivery from local restaurants -- without ever actually setting foot there or checking in. (Foursquare already lets you check into restaurants after you order on, but that's not quite the same thing.) All told, the screenshot above explains it all: if you're browsing Foursquare for local eateries and find one with either the GrubHub or Seamless icon, just hit "order delivery" and you'll be redirected to the GrubHub or Seamless website (depending on which of the two delivery services the restaurant uses). You can try it out today on iOS, Android or Foursquare's web app. As for all you Microsoft fans, it's unclear when or if the Windows 8 app will be updated to support this -- not that anything can stand between you and a good burrito.